«Arsenal Agro» company provides services in farmer business since 2011. The main directions of our work:

  • helping to optimize your business;
  • helping to choose the most appropriate agricultural crops,  plant protection products and fertilizers.

Due to the professionalism of our qualified specialasts you'll get consistently high harvest.

Modern technologies of intensive cultivation are impossible without the proper use of quality seeds, fertilizers and plant protection products.

Skillful combination of growing technological links will help your business rich high crop yields and protect the soil – the main wealth of the country.

We offers all these services to our partners.

We look forward to doing mutually beneficial business with farmers and agricultural companies of our region.

Sincerely, «Arsenal Agro»



We also worry about the agrarians' needs so our company doesn't just sell the pesticides, fertilizers and seeds but offers the systematic approach to growing agricultural crops with analysis of the situation and development both for existing ones and plants .

Effective practical solutions

Crop technologies recommendations are made in multifactorial system basing on crop rotation, fertilizers, pesticides, soils, climatic characteristics, those allowing you to find the best practical growing solution with different groups of crops.

Fulfillment of duties

Technological support includes the systematic approach and wide variety of solutions in changeable dynamic circumstances.
We offers the set of measures those depend on the organizational and economic efficiency in each set of technology of crop cultivation. Our organization proves the expediency of the set of measures and provides the costant control.

Responsibility for decision

Technological essence of our policy is to assist commodity producers with making independent business decisions based on the technologies pack those we have transferred to them and a set of material resources (seeds, fertilizers, pesticides). Due to understanding the problems and solving them we have reliable partners and cooperate with many farms during a long time.

Our partners: